Which Web Hosting is Better for Your Site: Managed or Unmanaged?

Which Web Hosting is Better for Your Site: Managed or Unmanaged?Switching to an online business and being stuck up in getting managed or unmanaged hosting plans is very genuine. While selecting a web hosting plan it becomes important to know the factors best for your website. 


The different types of web hosting through which you can host your website are shared, dedicated, VPS, managed WordPress, etc. 


Each of the hosting types has its importance and features. For different types of websites, best web hosting types and plans are being implemented.


The web hosting service providers take care of the hosting facilities and the other details of the website once hosted. Various web hosting companies in the market provide the most reliable web hosting plans and services at an affordable rate. 


With the web hosting plans a customer gets various resources for the websites.


The basic resources that customer gets in web hosting plan are:


  • Bandwidth
  • Disk space
  • SSL certificate
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Email accounts
  • Control panel
  • App installer


Most of the web hosting service providers offer managed and unmanaged web hosting services. The shared, dedicated, cloud, WordPress, managed VPS India hosting types come in managed and unmanaged fashion. You can opt for the one suitable for your type of website. 


To know which hosting type is better for your website it is important to understand the difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting.


Managed Web Hosting


The hosting service provider is responsible for all aspects of managed hosting. A team of experts guides you through and after your hosting journey with managed hosting.


Storage, configuration, and networking are all managed and designed by the hosting service provider. By effectively handling the disc space at their end, the hosting service provider reduces your server management overheads. Managed hosting also removes the need for you to keep an eye on security.


The managed hosting ensures a high level of reliability, efficiency, and protection. The user-specific tools provide the highest level of privacy, stability, and durability.


Advantages of Managed Hosting


  • The most apparent benefit of a managed hosting is the hosting service provider is 24/7/365 available. If something goes wrong and you get stuck, you can communicate with the expert support team.MilesWeb is India’s biggest company providing the best managed and self-managed web hosting plans and services. 
    • Managed hosting plans necessitate little or no technical knowledge. This is the plan for you if you just want to own and edit the web.
    • You can wholly and solely concentrate on your business site rather than getting into the technical details of the website hosting and server.
    • Though you do not need to control the server, you have access to the server resources and install the applications you want.
    • You get the managed services in all the web hosting plans.

    Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is a web hosting type in which the server space is shared by multiple websites. The web hosting service provider manages the server space and your website data along with managing the security concerns of the website. Almost all the shared hosting plans are managed. 

    Reseller Hosting

    Reseller hosting is another type of web hosting in which all the services are managed by the web hosting service providers. The reseller hosting plans let you buy the web hosting plans in bulk and sell them to your customers.

    The hosting service providers look after your server space, security, updates, backups, installation, databases, etc.

    VPS Hosting

    VPS hosting is a web hosting type that can be managed or self-managed. This hosting type works on virtualization, the physical server space is divided into multiple virtual segments and each segment is given to a specified user. The VPS hosting plan provides a dedicated IP to each user. 

    Managed VPS hosting:

    In managed VPS hosting the company manages the root SSH access, IPv4, SSD Storage, rDNS / PTR Records, FFMpeg / Ruby on Rails, domains, Crontab Access, hosting unlimited sub-domains, Secure Shell (SSH), unlimited email accounts, access to raw log files, database and security, VPS migration, hardware and network issues, protection against server blacklisting, malware removal, spam protection, etc.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    The dedicated server hosting comes in two ways managed and unmanaged. The dedicated server hosting allows you to have your server for your website. It is quite expensive than the other web hosting types.

    Unmanaged Web Hosting

    Unmanaged hosting is a do-it-yourself hosting type. Both resources, as well as server architecture, storage, configuration, and networking, must be managed by the customer. The server infrastructure, not the service, is rented to the client.

    Since the client owns the server resources, unmanaged hosting is less costly than managed hosting.

    Advantages of Unmanaged Hosting

    • Unmanaged hosting allows you complete control over your server, giving you complete access and absolute independence, just as if it were your machine.
    • Unmanaged services are far less expensive than managed services, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re happy with your operating system.

    To Conclude:

    When your primary aim is to concentrate on your business, managed hosting is always the better option. All you need is the right hosting partner to reliably and strategically handle your server infrastructure.