What are the Different Types of Software? (with pictures)

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It is rather odd that you state that “Public domain software [ . . . ] is the only type that can be legally modified by the user for [their] own purposes.” However it is rather misleading that you don’t mention that Libre-software, software licensed with the General Public License(GPL) or Affero General Public License(AGPL), does just that, granted you can’t release the software to the public without also releasing the source code, which could go against someones purpose if said purpose was business related.

Mostly just pointing out that you missed Libre-software, or Open Source Software(OSS) for that matter, and that unless said software was licensed as AGPL and you aren’t acting as an Application Service Provider(ASP), or to a lesser

degree the GPL, you don’t have to release the source code “for [your] own purposes”. I mean, as long as the purpose is something like in-house use only, acting as an ASP, giving your software away for free while selling support, or any other way you can think of to make money while releasing your programs source code then it fits that narrative.

Though for the point that I bring up, many OSS projects release their source code, with BSD-like licenses (which are very lax in saying what you can not do, like the MIT license that requires that you include a copy of the licensing terms and copyright notice), out of good will and not because their license requires it.

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The software types could also be formatting software? Or is it just types of freeware or oem software?

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i agree with comment no. 12.

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i just want to ask: it is a program that contains another program from a program itself? what would be the example on it? is it a software? Right?

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at times lecturers ask in an exams that we should name different types of software, so then which one should we name.

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Software is the set of programs,but the set of program is used only in application software,

software is of two types: 1. Application software, 2. machinery software

Where application software is nothing but designing the data by using front end software and back end software.

Eg: java and oracle,where many of them use java as front end and oracle as back end.

2. Now coming to machinery software, it is nothing but designing the coding for the new software as till now we used many software like window,windows Xp, etc. These are called machinery software, and from this software we implement the application software.

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i think you also need to put the uses of the different parts of software.

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another way of classifying software types is by application or purpose.

1. OS software – sub, drivers, tools

2. Programming –

3. Application – graphics, spreadsheet, games, entertainment

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To understand the basics for newbies about types of software this article is very helpful. -Priyanka

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more clarity with examples used in daily life is required keeping in mind new readers. -leela

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it would be nice to add examples of each type of software, for readers like me to get a better understanding of the softwares.

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i think it is important to add that there is a relatively new type of software called Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. with SaaS, an application service provider provides the software over a network (usually the internet), and the users interface with the application via their web clients.

in SaaS, the software itself is not running on the client machines; and the application service provider is responsible for updating and maintaining the software.

the updates and maintenance usually come at a subscription cost, but this needs to be balanced with the savings in IT requirements by the customer.

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