What Are The Benefits Of Having An SSL Certificate?

Security is a vast field in web hosting that encompasses numerous different protective measures. Each different security measure does a specific job and plays its part in securing a site. Firewalls monitor and secure incoming traffic, anti-malware search and destroy viruses and trojans, and an SSL certificate encrypts the flow of data between a server and user’s browser. It is the best measure to prevent misuse of data stolen in transit. At its basic, SSL is a website security certificate.

It authenticates a website’s credentials and reassures site visitors that they are accessing a simple website. An SSL certificate goes a long way in fighting and mitigating phishing attempts to steal sensitive user data by impersonating real websites. Creating trust is the biggest reason to buy an SSL certificate for your website. But its advantages go beyond just authenticating a website.

Here are the benefits of installing an SSL certificate on a website.

  1. It authenticates and confirms the identity

An SSL certificate for a website is akin to a holographic identity card. It is almost impossible to spoof or falsify an SSL certificate. So when it confirms the identity of a website, visitors can be assured of a website’s genuineness. Real identity is crucial for websites that deal with sensitive data such as user ids, passwords and banking information.

  1. It encrypts data

The data on a website stays protected being firewalls as long as it stays on the server. But these measures cannot protect it when it leaves the server. Hackers can easily steal this data with a man-in-the-middle attack while it is in transit. SSL encrypts this data. So, even if it gets stolen, it will be useless without a decryption key.

  1. It helps sites conform to security requirements

Websites that accept and process payments online must conform to PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliances. A website cannot legally receive payments if it does not comply with PCI’s compliance standards. Installing an SSL certificate is one of its 12 basic requirements. So, if you want to accept payments on your website, getting an SSL certificate is mandatory.

  1. It boosts SEO efforts

Most of the major search engines like Google rank websites with SSL certificates higher in organic search results. SSL certificates like Comodo SSL enable HTTPS protocols for websites. Such SSL-enabled websites always rank higher in search results. Search engines promote such websites so that all site owners will implement the recommended security measures on their websites.

  1. It helps build users’ trust

Gaining their users’ trust is important if websites want to grow. SSL gives some visual indicators of trust like the HTTPS extension and the padlock symbol in the address bar. These security indicators are placed to reassure users. For e-commerce portals, this trust can mean the difference between making a sale or losing their customers. It makes SSL a crucial component for all websites.

An SSL certificate is a crucial part of a site owner’s arsenal in the fight against malware and data theft with so many benefits. Though it is a recurring expense, it does not cost too much. It offers the best value for your money if you value security.