Tips to Do an Instagram Contest

Tips to Do an Instagram Contest

Running an Instagram contest is one of the best ways to grow an online presence, attract new customers, and gain more followers. Many companies host contests and buy Instagram likes in order to expand their base. In case you have not run any contest, you can start using Instagram too so a giveaway for your business and support your marketing goals.

Planning Competition’s Outcomes

To achieve the desired results for the contest, you would need to have a goal in mind. You might wish to generate more followers, encourage followers’ interaction, increase user engagement through your feed, or grow the list of emails. One of the major advantages of hosting a contest on Instagram is that the advertising work is done by the existing followers. The friends who are tagged in the comments tend to join the contest and tag more people. This helps to generate new followers that might be easier otherwise.  Before you host an Instagram contest, ensure you consider all the rules as well as guidelines.

Creating Vision for Contest

Now when you have a goal for this competition, it is time to make plans for the contest. Here are the tips that can help host a competition

  • Prize

The first that you need to decide is the prize for the contest. You would wish the winning item to be something relevant to the brand that you are building. Giving away any popular item might help you get more traffic. In case you plan to give a bigger prize, it could help you build more excitement that would lead to more and relevant traffic that can help the brand in the long-run.

  • Make Participation Plan

After deciding the prize, you are required to decide the criteria to enter the contest. Most of the Instagram competitions ask the entrants to follow the account, give the heart to post and tag a friend in the comment. While some contests might require the entrants to make special posts using specific hashtags and filling the form by visiting the web address. Any combination of the ideas would be good for generating interest in the contest. Ensure you set simple steps as too many stipulations might defeat the purpose of having a contest.

  • Writing Rules for Contest

Having a list of written rules and regulations for the contest is a must. You would need to create a clear plan before you post the contest. You would need to decide on how long you plan to give for a contest to run.  


  • Contest Hashtag

A hashtag is one of the significant aspects of the contest puzzle. Hashtag data help to understand why and how the brand is reaching several demographics of people. Ensure the hashtag relates to the business or brand and used exclusively for the specific contest.

  • Criteria to Choose Winner

You would require judges to choose the winner. Along with the prize, ensure you plan the criteria for judging and how you would let winners know about the result. Either you mail them or send them a DM, ensure you let the entrants know.

  • Time to Start

Once you planned out everything neatly, you can post the contest. Ensure you lay out all the plans for the contest in the announcement post and post the picture that is related directly to the contest.

Along with these tips, ensure you learn to promote the contest on social media. Promoting the contest on the other platforms and making the email followers aware of contests would also be helpful. You might need to host more contests to achieve the goal. Along with hosting contests, many brands buy Instagram followers to reach their goals. You can also opt for the same and get the desired results.