Technology Day – Constructech


Constructech Technology Days 2020 mission is on sustainability, carbon reduction, and the resiliency that many transformative companies need to deploy and execute, all while maximizing the necessary energy needs of an expanding global economy. Companies of all sizes can deploy project development and delivery to procure technology, develop, manufacture, design, and build, smart cities, and communities.

The Tech Tools

By definition, Meriam Webster states sustainability focuses on the lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods or a sustainable society. Constructech Technology Days seeks to help companies find the right partners to create greater transparency on thecarbon impact of services and products. Companies, like Microsoft, have made a significant announcement to be carbon negative by 2030; in addition to Cisco, Turner Corp., Clark Construction, Bechtel, AT&T, Schneider Electric, and AECOM, just to name a few.

Through the use of the IoT, cloud, AI, 5G, big data, BIM, PM, machine learning, and other tools to triumph in 2020, the most successful companies will be those that apply these technologies and solutions, alongside of the people and processes to achieve sustainability to help mankind for years to come.

Achieving ecological sustainability must be at the forefront of each buisiness when manufacturing, designing, and constructing homes, roads, bridges, buildings, utilities, stadiums, hospitals, and more. Constructech Technology Days examines the implications on the natural environment, people’s health, and the sustainable development for corporations by how consumers, businesses, and smart cities, are speaking louder through their buying choices and companies will need to turn to technology to help them understand the implications of their decisions.

Collaboration And Learning

This event is playing a pivotal role in driving and empowering the IoT platforms, skills, and companies. The goal is to ensure each company leverages green energy to decrease its carbon footprint to be a better global citizen. That means leveraging the right cybersecurity tools with the next generation workforce. Constructech Technology Days will explore the fast-paced market of emerging technology through conversation, demonstration, learning, and networking.

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