Have You Heard of The Stress Test and How Is It Done?

In today’s scenario, we keep hearing so much about stress. We keep talking about stress level being high, increasing stress level, etc. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself these questions: What is stress level? What is the optimum amount of stress? How is stress measured? 

If you are curious about what does CBD do, then this article is all about that. There is something called a stress test that can be taken and your stress level could be found out. Is that all? As simple as that! Yes, but no! It sounds simple, but it not as simple as it sounds. 

There are some types and variety in stress tests that measures different types of stresses that we go through. However, whatever be the type or level of stress, you know that CBD can help you. It is one of the most used alternative form of medicine for dealing with stress and anxiety in this millennium.  

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What is a stress test? 

Before even I give out the answer for the above question, did you know that the stress test is not limited to the context of biological stress tests conducted in humans to asses their overall health levels. 

There are stress tests conducted in the field of computing to calculate the maximum amount of stress that the graphics processor can handle. In the filed of civil engineering, there are stress tests to find out how much of weight or load can a particular design can bear.

In short, stress test is something that is performed to infer how much stress is optimum for a particular system. 

Types of stress tests 

The following are the major types of stress tests conducted for human beings. 

  • Cardiac stress tests – This is done to patients with medical conditions pertaining to heart. This test is done to find out how much stress can the heart of patients take and still continue to perform and not fail. 

  • Psychological stress tests – The psychological stress, being the most common type of stress is widely talked about is measured in terms of your ability to react to the challenging mental tasks and disapproving feedback.  

  • Other types – There are other few types of stress tests that are still being developed by clinicians and researchers, which has both the above components. 

I hope that now after reading this article you will be clear on the concept of biological stress and how to measure it. If you have taken the stress test before, do share your experience in the comments section. We would be happy to hear from you.