Why Is Linux Shared Hosting An Ideal Choice For Beginners?

Why Is Linux Shared Hosting An Ideal Choice For Beginners?

Every website is unique and requires a specific web hosting service. While Dedicated and Shared Hosting services were present since the early years of the internet, technology-driven Cloud and VPS Hosting services have evolved too. Further, these plans are available in different variants like Windows or Linux as the operating system of the server, SSD or HDD as the disk drive, managed or unmanaged hosting services, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about new websites and look at the reasons that make Linux Shared Hosting ideal for them.

Beginners and web hosting

For people who are new to web hosting, the initial few months can be overwhelming for non-technical site owners. Most hosting companies offering Shared Web Hosting in India, offer Linux-based Shared Hosting plans too. Since each website is unique, assess your site’s requirements carefully before you start looking for a hosting plan.

The following video shows why Shared Hosting plans are good for new bloggers:

Linux Shared Hosting plans and Beginners

Here are some benefits offered by Linux shared hosting plans, making them ideal for new websites:

1. Affordable

Most new websites have low budgets. Creating a website is a costly process too. Hence, they tend to look for web hosting services that are affordable and effective. Linux Shared Hosting plans are one of the most affordable web hosting plans compared to other hosting types.

2. Low resource requirements

Most new websites barely have any traction in the first year of their operation. Hence, the number of site visitors are few. This implies a low requirement of hosting resources. Linux Shared Hosting plans ensure these requirements are met, and your site takes off the ground.

3. Managed services

When you launch a new website, there are several tasks to take care of. Right from getting the site designed, to creating unique and interesting content, marketing and promotion activities, server-related tasks, etc., the list is endless. Most hosting companies offer managed services with their Shared Hosting plans to ensure that these tasks are handled by a team of experts and making more time available to the site owner.

4. Easy to understand

A new website usually has basic requirements from the hosting company like:

  • Minimal downtime and steady uptime;
  • Top-notch security; and
  • Uninterrupted site services

Linux Shared Hosting is simple and easy to understand compared to other complex hosting services like Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc.

5. Technical Support

When you launch a website online, various technical processes run simultaneously to allow you to display your site on the internet. If any of these processes crash, then the website can get adversely affected. Hence, a technical support team is a must. For first-time site owners, it is important to remember that technical issues can arise at any time of the day or night. Hence, they must look for a hosting provider that offers 24x7x365 customer support. In Linux Shared Hosting, the technical management of the server is in the host’s control. Hence, the support team is strong and can help you manage any unexpected snags with ease. So, Shared Hosting is a perfect fit for startups and new site owners.

Summing Up

Running and managing a website can be an intimidating experience. With dozens of crucial decisions to be made, choosing a Linux Shared Hosting service can ensure that your site goes online in no time at affordable rates. However, these plans have certain limitations too. Hence, assess your site’s hosting needs and choose a plan accordingly. Good Luck!