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  • 140 cm (55") OLED HDR10 Smart TV (Web OS)

  • Auflösung 3840 x 2160 (4K)

  • Twin Tuner: DVB-C, S, S2, T2 (HD)

  • 1x USB, CI+ Slot, LAN, WLAN integriert

  • 4x HDMI

  • PVR / Time-Shift


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Empfehlungen und Tipps unseres Expertenteams

  • Energieeffizienzklasse A++

  • Nutzinhalt Kühlraum: 394 Liter

  • Nutzinhalt Gefrierraum: 197 Liter

  • Wasser- / Eisspender mit Wassertank

  • No-Frost-Technik

  • Gerätemaße: 179 cm Höhe, 91.2 cm Breite, 71.7 cm Tiefe

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  • Tintenstrahl Multifunktionsdrucker, maximal A4-Format

  • Farbdrucker / Scanner / Kopierer

  • max. 5 S./Min. farbig, max. 10 S./Min. s/w


  • EcoTank

  • 100 Blatt Papierzufuhr

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computeruniverse Jobangebote

Computer günstig kaufen bei computeruniverse

computeruniverse – Computer günstig kaufen war noch nie einfacher, Haushaltselektronik, Unterhaltungselektronik und Telekommunikation bestellen noch nie komfortabler als

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ATS Computer Systems – Canada’s Online Shopping Store for Computer Hardware and Software

Red Hat Red Hat Red Hat Training Units

Red Hat Red Hat Red Hat Training Units

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MCT0115US – . …
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Quantum Quantum StorNext Storage Manager (Course 1-3587) - Technology Training Course

Quantum Quantum StorNext Storage Manager (Course 1-3587) – Technology Training Course

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Hewlett Package - HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Color MFP M775F

Hewlett Package – HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Color MFP M775F

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CC523A#BGJ – . …
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Red Hat Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development with RHCJD Exam On-site - Academic Training Certification

Red Hat Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Development with RHCJD Exam On-site – Academic Training Certification

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JB226OS – Re . …
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Adtran Total Access 916e Gen 3 with Lifeline FXO

Adtran Total Access 916e Gen 3 with Lifeline FXO

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4243916F2 – . …
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Cisco Systems 4321 Router

Cisco Systems 4321 Router

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ISR4321-V/K9 . …
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Sharp PN-E603 Digital Signage Display

Sharp PN-E603 Digital Signage Display

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PN-E603 – Sh . …
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Blue Coat NIC-S500-4XGIGE-PT Gigabit Ethernet Card

Blue Coat NIC-S500-4XGIGE-PT Gigabit Ethernet Card

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NIC-S500-4XG . …
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Dell N2048 Layer 3 Switch

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consumer review of online counseling cybertherapy e-mail chat videoconference mental health services

Can counseling help?

Things happen in life

that are normal – we all face them…

but they are difficult.

A big change in your life…
loss of a job, or a home, or an important relationship…
emotions and feelings that seem overwhelming…
challenges of parenting and family life…
troubling relationships…
difficulties at work…

Why would you want to go through it alone?

When these things happen to you,
it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you;
it doesn’t mean you are mentally ill.
These things happen to everybody.

A psychotherapist is trained to help you cope with those things

so you can get through them, and feel better.

Psychotherapists can help you.

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Australia Computer Online – Desktops, Notebooks, Computer Peripherals, Computer Components, Networking, Software

Australia Computer Online Home


Public Holiday
Dear customers, we will be closed for the public holiday on 25th of Jan ( Saturday ) ANZ Day.


100% burn-in tested

– Intel® 1151 socket. i3 / i5 / i7 processor supported

– SATA III and USB 3.0 supported

– Easier to be extended with full-profile case

– 2 years warranty


100% burn-in tested

– Intel® Core™ Z370 chipset i3 / i5 / i7 motherboard
– Running on DDR4 memory

– Ultra-Fast M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA)

FS-205 NAS Server

– Network attached storage computer

– Unique RAID technology to protect your data from a disk drive failure.

– 3 Terabyte storage (up to 10TB or 5 disks).

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The Best Online Banks of 2020

Best Online Banks Apps

Long gone are the days when there was but a single bank in town where everyone went to store their valuables.

Alternatives to the traditional brick-and-mortar bank branch have been opening across the world, or more accurately, across the digital world, in the form of so-called “online banks.”

While they don’t operate massive branch networks, they offer much more for your bottom line, such as:

  • Market-leading interest rates
  • Low fees
  • Exceptional online and mobile banking experiences

They have their drawbacks as well, but those haven’t stopped a bevy of depositors from making the switch to online banking.

In fact:

You may already be banking digitally for the most part anyway.

MyBankTracker analyzed more than 50 online banks and their accounts to uncover the ones that deliver the best banking products and features.

Capital One

Capital One Bank iPhone App
Capital One Bank iPhone App

Capital One 360 (the online division of Capital One) is definitely

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Technology online shop at cheap prices


Purchase computers inexpensively at computeruniverse

computeruniverse – Computer Inexpensive purchases have never been so easy, appliances, ordering of entertainment electronics and telecommunications has never been easier than in the online shop at computeruniverse. Helpful tools such as product filters and purchase advice support you in your search for the article you want and turn your purchase into convenient shopping

Online shop for electronics with optimum selection and service

Since 1999, computeruniverse has developed from a computer dispatch company into an online specialist for technology and electronics with the promise that our company lives by: “Best selection, best service”. Over 100,000 articles from the fields of electronics and technology are offered by computeruniverse in the online shop. In addition to the large selection, computeruniverse provides a comprehensive payment service with a multitude of payment options e.g. PayPal, credit card and financing (purchase by instalments, payment by instalments).

The customer-friendly online

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Software protection for home – Adult, online casino and malware

Security Software Protects Your Family and Company – On the web too

Security Software Systems products are built to be the most effective AND easiest to use software tools to monitor and filter ANY content on your PC. Control and record computer ALL computer activity including email, applications, web and internet content, chat applications, peer to peer networking and even office applications such as Word, Powerpoint, and ALL other Windows PC applications. Set limits as strict as you wish, or simply use the reporting tools to determine how your family’s or company’s computers are being used.

Have reports or screen captures emailed to you, or login to the administration screen to adjust filters or configure your own detailed reports. Our newest product, CSWEB, also enables you to monitor and administer any computer remotely.

Of cousrse not all gaming sites are bad as such – many of them offer free games

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Technology in the NZC / Welcome to Technology Online

Child playing on floor

Revised technology learning area

The New Zealand Curriculum Online – Technology

The Ministry of Education has revised the technology learning area in The New Zealand Curriculum. It now includes two new technological areas:

The goal of this change is to ensure that all learners know about digital technologies and understand the decisions people make when they use them and create them. It’s important that students have opportunities to be innovative designers and creators of digital solutions – moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies. We want them to be able to critically assess the impact of existing and new technologies on society and the environment.

While schools are expected to incorporate the revised learning area into their curriculum in 2020, we expect that change and implementation processes will continue beyond 2020.

The goal is to have students experience a rich curriculum that engages and challenges them,

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Top 10 Free Python Programming Books – Download PDF or Read Online

Every Programmer loves free eBook and free courses, even more, if it comes from renowned technical book publishers like Oreilly and Manning. In the last article, I have shared some of the best

. These books are not illegal copies that are uploaded into the internet, but they are the legal books, made free by their authors and publishers, much like

, which their instructor made free for educational and promotional reasons. Though these are not full-fledged books but concise eBooks, they are very informative and comprehensive enough to learn things like

and Functional programming in Python.

The list contains different types of free Python books; some of them, like A Whirlwind Tour of Python, is useful for beginners and intermediate Python developers and others like 20 Python Libraries You Aren’t Using are very useful for experienced Python programmers.

The list also contains some real-world, practical advice on what not … Read More

Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

The 8 Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.

All eight schools place in the top fifteen of the U.S. News and World Report national university rankings.

These Ivy League schools are also highly selective and extremely hard to get into. But the good news is that all these universities now offer free online courses across multiple online course platforms.

So far, they’ve created over 500 courses, of which around 450 are still active. Class Central has made a collection of all these, which you can explore below. I’ve split these courses into the following categories:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Programming
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Art & Design
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Health & Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Education & Teaching
  • and Personal Development

I’ve also assembled these courses on Class Central’s collection

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