Vouchers for free internet to be given to poorest families amid fears disadvantaged children falling behind

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Thousands of families without broadband internet are to be given vouchers for six months’ free wifi access in scheme run jointly by the Department for Education and BT.

Nick Gibb, the schools standards minister, said the move was designed to ensure the education of the poorest children in England did not suffer because of coronavirus. Some 10,000 families could benefit from the vouchers, according to BT.

Tuesday’s announcement followed a report that millions of pupils have done very little schoolwork during lockdown. The UCL Institute of Education found one in five children had spent less than an hour a day on study since March.

Though many of BT’s roughly 5.4 million hotspots are in petrol stations, high street shops and banks, a spokesperson told The Independent: “The vast majority, approximately 5.1 million, are in homes and provide coverage for surrounding residential areas.”

Voucher recipients will use routers belonging to

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Cross-party calls for Government to provide internet access and devices to children on free school meals

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MPs are calling on the Government to provide free devices to children eligible for free school meals - Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images
MPs are calling on the Government to provide free devices to children eligible for free school meals – Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The Government is facing cross-party calls to close the “digital divide”, as a new Bill seeks to ensure that all children eligible for free school meals have internet access and electronic devices at home.

The legislation – backed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, four former education secretaries and the chair of the Education Select Committee Robert Halfon – will be presented to Parliament by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh on Monday.

Back in April the Government committed to providing disadvantaged pupils in Year 10 with laptops, tablets and 4G wireless routers but many schools have complained they are yet to receive ordered devices.

Backers of the new proposal say the Bill would make an “immediate, tangible difference to some of the most vulnerable families in our society”.

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3 ways to incentivize free marketing for your SaaS product

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Did you know we have an online conference about digital marketing coming up? Re:Brand will share strategies on how brands can still succeed in these unprecedented times.  

Capiche is a secret society for SaaS power users, building a new community of people who care about software to make the SaaS industry more transparent, together. This essay was written by Matthew Guay, Capiche‘s founding editor and former senior writer at Zapier.

When Wirecutter set out in 2011 to review and recommend the best gadgets, it was only natural they’d send prospective buyers to Amazon. With its promise to stock “everything, from A to Z,” Amazon carries most products Wirecutter recommends. And if you send customers to Amazon, they’re happy to send you a percentage of what those customers spend.

It’s a business model unique to and nearly as old as the internet, one both popularized by Amazon and part

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Free events and services to watch online while self-quarantining

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As novel coronavirus spreads throughout the United States, millions of Americans are spending more time at home.

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But whether you’re doing so because of a job loss, working from home situation or otherwise taking part in the mass effort to stay safe, chances are you’ve been bored once or twice while living under quarantine.

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Thankfully, some very talented people have been creating extra-special performances and experiences that you can enjoy to help you cope with the new normal and that don’t break any social distancing rules. Additionally, some services are extending their free trial periods or dropping their paywalls in order for you to access their content.

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To help navigate the Golden Age of “Quaranstreaming,” “GMA” presents this guide of

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Free online science resources for when you’ve all but given up on being your kid’s science teacher

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It’s an understatement to say that many parents are extremely stressed-out right now. The pandemic has forced those who have school-aged kids to become teachers, even as some still work full-time. Suzannah Zachos, my cousin, has three children all under the age of 14. She says Sunday nights have taken on a new meaning.

“The Sunday night beast creeps up somewhere around 5 p.m. and begins to grow through bedtime,” she wrote in a text message. “It is the fear of the unknown week ahead, the concern that I cannot balance my own (pandemic-dictated) WFH job alongside three students’ full course load, multiple Zoom calls a day per kid (where we have to tiptoe around so we don’t disrupt), three full meals for five people… on top of being terrified of getting sick.”

Zachos is one more example of the many frustrated parents who have to juggle their own lives

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Rescan to Keep Getting Free TV

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With more of us looking to save money on our monthly TV bills, it’s no surprise that TV antennas have made a comeback. Once you get an antenna, you can tune in to local broadcast channels, such as ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, as well as PBS and Telemundo. It’s free TV.

But over the past few years, a number of broadcast networks have been warning viewers that their stations are moving to new frequencies. If you get your TV signals using an antenna, that means you’ve had to periodically rescan for channels to keep receiving those stations. Those who get TV from cable or a streaming service aren’t affected.

That’s true now as well because we’re nearing the end of the time when stations are moving to new frequencies. The transition, which started in April 2017, will be

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Free Online Classes For MoCo Seniors: May 26-29

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GERMANTOWN, MD — Montgomery County seniors can take free online classes to learn how to better navigate life at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Senior Planet Montgomery, the county’s technology training program for residents 60 and older, typically offers lectures, hands-on workshops, and multi-week courses at libraries and senior centers. But during this public health crisis, Senior Planet Montgomery is moving all its programming online.

Many of the online sessions will focus on online user-friendly tools and resources for seniors.

“More Montgomery County seniors are online than ever before,” said Montgomery County Chief Information Officer Gail M. Roper. “The Senior Planet Montgomery programs provide a means for them to get more out of their internet availability, and we hope, more out of life overall. We have programs that are geared specifically to support the way seniors learn best — which makes so many things easier to understand.”

Classes change on

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definition of technology by The Free Dictionary

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Technology is almost magical, and ambition for a better life is now universal.
“I had made up my mind to he an engineer, and I went over to the Boston Institute of Technology.”
They are, as described by one expert, “interchangeable with the technology used for pointing warheads to precise points on the ground” (as quoted in The China Threat, by Bill Gertz, published in 2000).
The increased use of technology in the classroom since the 1980s involves both technology instruction and integration at all levels of education.
Taking a seemingly structured approach to technology acquisition, a senior management team is established to develop new business practices and rules required to implement the technology.
In the U.S., diesel technology has always faced challenges because of strict emissions laws.
From the S & T community, one often hears, “The acquisition guys never transition our technology!” From the acquisition
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definition of software by The Free Dictionary

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Charges for restoration of customer’s crashed computer system by using tangible software to reinstall software originally delivered electronically.
Raymond entitled “Cathedral and the Bazaar,” which is widely considered the principal manifesto of the open-source software movement.
Anti-virus software, today a large and profitable software category, is clearly destined to join Hyper Terminal in the software graveyard that is the “accessories” group.
* Market research * Planning and execution of the marketing strategy * Web-related software
While this also means that the carmakers will move from being systems integrators to software integrators, the process is still in the transitional stage.
These are among key findings of a global software piracy study released today by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), the international association of the world’s leading software developers.
Since 1987, LINTECH has been providing high-quality, innovative software solutions to long-term and specialty healthcare organizations.
“Like any other expenditure, or a
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Free environmental, health and safety software and apps

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