‘To bridge the digital divide’: Here’s why New Orleans officials are pushing for citywide internet | Local Politics

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As New Orleans students prepare for a school year that will start with lessons conducted over the internet instead of in a classroom, city officials said Wednesday they are pursuing a plan that could eventually provide wireless internet service across the city.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s administration is planning to roll out a pilot program in the next 90 days that would offer WiFi service in a park or recreation facility, according to Jonathan Rhodes, director of Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s Office of Utilities, as part of a test aimed at evaluating the feasibility of a citywide network.

Even if successful, the city’s plan won’t be in place in time for students this year. But the pilot could serve as a template for a program that could be in place a year later, Rhodes said.

“The most important thing is how can we bridge the digital divide,” said Rhodes on Wednesday. “We

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New Report Warns Of Dark Digital Future With China-Dominated Internet

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A prominent voice in the Senate is out with a stark warning about China’s efforts to advance an anti-democratic vision of the internet that marshals digital technology as a tool for censorship, surveillance and propaganda.

Democratic staffers on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are warning about China moving “with astounding speed and focus” to develop “a deeply troubling governance model for the digital domain.”

“China’s concerted effort to develop, expand, export and institutionalize digital authoritarianism as the future governance model of the digital domain represents a fundamental political, economic and security concern for the United States, our allies and partners, and the international community at large,” Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the

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Going to a Protest? Here’s How to Protect Your Digital Privacy

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George Floyd’s killing at the hands of Minneapolis police—the latest in a grim drumbeat of similar deaths over many years—has sparked worldwide protests denouncing racism and law enforcement’s abuse of power.

Floyd’s May 25 death may have gone largely unnoticed had it not been recorded by multiple smartphone-wielding bystanders, whose footage forced America to finally reckon with the dangers Black Americans unjustly face simply when leaving their house. And as police departments across the United States have responded to largely peaceful protests with disproportionate violence, smartphone footage has provided crucial evidence refuting official descriptions of harrowing events.

Even as protesters turn to their smartphones as a means to record their experiences on the ground, those same devices can be used against them. Law enforcement groups have digital surveillance tools, like fake cell phone towers and facial recognition technology, that can be used to identify protestors and monitor their movements and

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Most money made through the App Store does not go through Apple, company says amid questions over the ‘digital marketplace’

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Apple says that most of the money being “facilitated” by its App Store does not go through the company, as it unveiled new research into the scale of the digital economy.

The App Store helped facilitate some $519 billion in billings and sales last year, it claimed based on new analysis.

Most of that money did not go through App Store purchases or in-app payments, it said, but rather simply relied on software for Apple’s platforms to make goods and services available.

The new announcement comes amid questions over the scale of app stores run by Apple, Google and other companies. Last week, Axios reported that US antitrust investigators asked Apple whether chief executive Tim Cook would give testimony as part of a probe into competition among tech companies.

Apple and Mr Cook have repeatedly said that they welcome the scrutiny of the App Store that has come with increased

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Master a new era of digital commerce

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What began as a supply shock at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, quickly turned into a dip in demand as society went into lockdown. Facing this uncertainty as a retailer takes courage and strategic thinking. In order to offset the precariousness of this economic moment, retail businesses must diversify supply chains, integrate digital tools, and shift their focus online.

Join us at Checkout Couch Conference on June 18th, a collaboration with The Financial Times, to explore a new era of digital commerce. Learn how business leaders can take action to bounce back during this challenging time. We’ll hear from founders, futurists, and researchers with knowledge that spans from reducing supply chain carbon footprint to developing an experiential point of sale. Don’t miss these eye-opening sessions on the future of retail and ecommerce!

The intersection of deep tech and sustainability in retail
Shimona Mehta, Head Of EMEA at Shopify and

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Dispatches from Digital London Fashion Week, Day Two

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LONDON — Designers taking part in London’s first all-digital showcase, which began Friday and runs through Sunday, have been delving deeper into their respective cultural backgrounds as they navigate the challenges of telling their stories online and in film formats.

Indeed, Saturday was a festival of fashion films – some better than others – with designers showing old, new and re-worked archive pieces in what is a new medium for many.

Tíscar Espadas, a Royal College of Art graduate and recipient of a Burberry scholarship, presented her collection with a video reflecting her Spanish heritage, from music and tap dancing to the wrap-around ties on blouses and the curve on the shoulders of jackets.

Espadas’s video, “Capitulo: II, First Act,” showed a man getting dressed and piling on layers of clothes against a simple white backdrop. It worked much better than some of

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K-pop stans have been heralded as digital heroes for fighting racists online, but Black fans are still getting left out of the conversation

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Fans cheer as K-Pop group BTS performs in Central Park, May 15, 2019 in New York City.
Fans cheer as K-Pop group BTS performs in Central Park, May 15, 2019 in New York City.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

  • K-pop stans have recently come into the digital spotlight after leading efforts online to spam a police app with fancams and flood hashtags on Twitter and Instagram in order to drown out racist posts.

  • The actions stans have taken amid Black Lives Matter are built on a fandom history of digitally organizing around trending hashtags or leading charity campaigns for non-profits.

  • While the majority of the attention the K-pop fandom has experienced recently has been positive, it fails to address the racism that Black fans still face in the community.

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In the wake of George Floyd’s killing and amid Black Lives Matter protests, there’s been a paradigm shift in the perception of K-pop stans online. While locals (non-stans) have typically had an adversarial relationship

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Sidelined by pandemic, Trump campaign turns to digital shows

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The streaming video began and, within minutes, the president’s eldest son was musing that Osama bin Laden had endorsed Joe Biden.

Subtle, it was not. Welcome to the Trump campaign, digital edition.

Seven nights a week, President Donald Trump’s reelection team is airing live programming online to replace his trademark rallies made impossible for now by the coronavirus pandemic. Hosted by top campaign officials, prominent Republicans and “Make America Great Again” luminaries, the freewheeling shows offer reality according to Trump. The shows are an effort to stay connected with core supporters and maintain enthusiasm for a suspended campaign that has had to rewire itself on the fly. Trump himself has not yet appeared in his campaign’s shows.

A review of one week’s worth of the 8 p.m. broadcasts, ending on the final day of April, reveals a concerted effort to test attacks on Biden, the presumptive

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BusinessDay, NSE promote investment in Digital Technology for Business Success in a post-COVID economy

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There will be significant changes in the world of work as we know it after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and this will require huge investments in partnerships and digital technology by participants in the economy.

Sub for 500

This sentiment was expressed and expounded on by the Head, Trading Business Division, Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Jude Chiemeka during the recently held Realities of COVID-19 Webinar organised by BusinessDay.

The webinar was designed to address issues around the Navigating the Uncharted Course on the back of the new realities that the impact of COVID-19 we have begun to see on the economy and what we can expect post-COVID.

In responding to questions around emerging business needs, Chiemeka said, “Corporates must understand that we are all entering a new territory where we cannot rely on past competitive advantage.

Even before the spread of COVID-19, conversations were rife around the digital economy, and after this pandemic,

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Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — On the eve of a pivotal academic year in Vishal Singh’s life, he faces a stark choice on his bedroom desk: book or computer?

By all rights, Vishal, a bright 17-year-old, should already have finished the book, Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle,” his summer reading assignment. But he has managed 43 pages in two months.

He typically favors Facebook, YouTube and making digital videos. That is the case this August afternoon. Bypassing Vonnegut, he clicks over to YouTube, meaning that tomorrow he will enter his senior year of high school hoping to see an improvement in his grades, but without having completed his only summer homework.

On YouTube, “you can get a whole story in six minutes,” he explains. “A book takes so long. I prefer the immediate gratification.”

Students have always faced distractions and time-wasters. But computers and cellphones, and the constant stream of stimuli they

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