Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)

Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)Platform for Internet<br /> Content Selection (PICS)


This document is not currently maintained as PICS
has been superseded by the Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER). W3C encourages authors and
implementors to refer to POWDER (or its successor) rather than PICS when developing systems to describe Web content or agents to
act on those descriptions. A brief document outlining the advantages offered by POWDER compared with PICS is available
. The Current Status Page lists
the PICS Recommendations and in each case includes a link to the document that supersedes it.

Contact details of the individuals named below and links to other documents may no longer be active.

The PICSTM specification enables
labels (metadata) to be associated with Internet content. It was originally
designed to help parents and teachers control what children access on the
Internet, but it also facilitates other uses for labels,

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