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“We didn’t have experience with mobile apps before—this was our step into Azure. We got to stay in a language base that we were familiar with to approach ‘Caren’ [the digital concierge] as a platform.”

Ray Stone

Developer and Tech Lead | Cincinnati Children’s

“We are a beer science company. Cloud migration was a way to streamline. Within 6 months, we migrated all our infrastructure.”

Mark Dajani

CIO – Global

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Introduction to Parallel Computing

Introduction to Parallel Computing

Author: Blaise Barney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory UCRL-MI-133316

Table of Contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Overview
    1. What is Parallel Computing?
    2. Why Use Parallel Computing?
    3. Who is Using Parallel Computing?
  3. Concepts and Terminology
    1. von Neumann Computer Architecture
    2. Flynn's Classical Taxonomy
    3. Some General Parallel Terminology
    4. Limits and Costs of Parallel Programming
  4. Parallel Computer Memory Architectures
    1. Shared Memory
    2. Distributed Memory
    3. Hybrid Distributed-Shared Memory
  5. Parallel Programming Models
    1. Overview
    2. Shared Memory Model
    3. Threads Model
    4. Distributed Memory / Message Passing Model
    5. Data Parallel Model
    6. Hybrid Model
    7. SPMD and MPMP
  6. Designing Parallel Programs
    1. Automatic vs. Manual Parallelization
    2. Understand the Problem and the Program
    3. Partitioning
    4. Communications
    5. Synchronization
    6. Data Dependencies
    7. Load Balancing
    8. Granularity
    9. I/O
    10. Debugging
    11. Performance Analysis and Tuning
  7. Parallel Examples
    1. Array Processing
    2. PI Calculation
    3. Simple Heat Equation
    4. 1-D Wave Equation
  8. References and More Information

This is the first tutorial in the "Livermore Computing Getting Started" workshop. It is intended to provide only a very

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IBM | Quantum Computing

Delta partners with IBM to explore quantum computing – an airline industry first

“Partnering with innovative companies like IBM is one way Delta stays on the leading edge of tech to better serve our customers and our people, while drawing the blueprints for application across our industry,” said Rahul Samant, Delta’s CIO. “We’ve done this most recently with biometrics in our international terminals and we’re excited to explore how quantum computing can be applied to address challenges across the day of travel.”

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IBM and Daimler use quantum computer to develop next-gen batteries

Electric vehicles have an Achilles Heel: the capacity and speed-of-charging of their batteries. A quantum computing breakthrough by researchers at IBM and Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, could help tackle this challenge.

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IBM doubles Quantum Volume on roadmap

In order to achieve quantum advantage within the next decade, we will

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