EA SPORTS & ESPN Announce the Return of Madden NFL Competitive Programming in Lead up to the Live Madden Bowl Finals

ESPN2 to air “ROAD TO THE MADDEN BOWL,” Madden NFL 20 Last Chance Qualifier and Madden NFL 20 Bowl semi-finals & finals

ESPN2 to air 5 consecutive hours of competitive Madden NFL 20 this Sunday, April 26

Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) and ESPN announced new Madden NFL 20 Championship Series (MCS) programming set to deliver more competitive action and entertainment straight to the homes of sports fans and gamers following the excitement of the live 2020 NFL Draft. To kick off the programming, ESPN2 will air the first two episodes of the “ROAD TO THE MADDEN BOWL,” bookended by the final match of the ESPN Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament and the live Madden NFL 20 Last Chance Qualifier – bringing ESPN2’s Madden NFL airtime to a total of five consecutive hours this Sunday, April 26. All programming will be available for replay immediately after the ESPN2 airing within

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Competitive Programming Book

This is the companion web site for a book: “Competitive Programming 3: The New Lower Bound of Programming Contests”
and its two past editions written by myself (Steven Halim –
UVa status, Kattis status) and
my younger brother (Felix Halim – UVa status, Kattis status) in 2010 – present (2018).
This book is used in my course in School of Computing,
National University of Singapore:
CS3233 – Competitive Programming (2009-present) and available for wider audiences since 2010.
This book contains a collection of competitive programming skills gained by solving more than
3 000+ UVa (1999-present) plus Kattis (2015-present) online judge problems.

Major update (Wednesday, 01 January 2020): CP3 (~2018 interim version) is now available in Spanish language. If you are a Spanish-speaking programmer,
we recommend that you get the Spanish version that has been translated over the past 1+ year by Miguel Revilla Rodriquez (the current admin of (UVa) Online

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