Red Hat Developer | Software Collections Overview

When developing applications for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, developers have two major tools chains to choose from:

  1. There is a set of tools (known as base tools) delivered within Red Hat Enterprise Linux which includes Python, GCC, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and much more. These tools have the same support life cycle as Red Hat Enterprise Linux – up to ten years. To maintain compatibility, the major versions of these tools are fixed at the time of the “dot-zero” release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you want a toolchain that’s supported for 10 years, then use these.

  2. Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) are for developers looking for continually updated tools such as the latest stable versions of dynamic languages, open source databases, web infrastructure, and other essential development tools.

RHSCL releases occur semi-annually. The collections have a 2-3 year support life cycle to allow for rapid innovation without sacrificing stability.

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