Closing the COBOL Programming Skills Gap

The backbone of today’s electronic commerce is COBOL on an IBM Z computing platform. There are 240 billion lines of COBOL in operation, and another 5 billion new lines are added each year. $3 trillion of commercial transactions are processed by COBOL applications each day. COBOL is what business runs on.

Some reports indicate that the 240 billion lines of COBOL code are the second most valuable asset in America, right behind oil. How did COBOL weather 60 years of technological evolution? Because there are classes of information processing that are ideally suited for COBOL on a mainframe. Back-end, high-volume transaction processing must work correctly, securely and fast. If you must process several million transactions in the six-hour overnight batch window, IBM Z COBOL is what you use.  

But the community of COBOL programmers is shrinking faster than the open positions they create can be filled. The average age

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