Download Sharp World Clock and Multi Timer for Windows

Multi Timer

New: Version 6 is available – tons of new features – programmed from scratch

Multi Timer

As many Timers as you need in Stopwatch, Count-Down or Alarm Clock mode, in a window or free floating at your Desktop; Count the time for up to 1,000 days with scientific accuracy; Connect timers to work in exclusive mode or chain mode.

Do you need several or many stopwatches, timers or alarm clocks for your work or for a special task at home or at the university, school, factory or office? Is it important for you to measure and log the exact time of multiple events or jobs? What about 10 or even 100, all with scientific accuracy, even throughout very long time spans and interrupted use? Try Multi Timer, a program that will please and surprise you and join hundreds of professional and private users all over the world!

This multiple timer

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