Producers pitch clip shows in anticipation of TV, streaming programming gap

The current quarantine period may lead to a baby boom in nine months time. It will also spur a surge in clip shows. As TV and video producers flock to formats that can be easily produced remotely and turned around quickly if TV networks’ and streaming services’ programming pipelines dry up, clip shows — think “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” — that rely primarily on user-generated videos and archival footage have become prized, so-called “corona-proof” programming.

“In three to six months, there’s going to be a huge glut of clip shows,” said an executive at a media company that operates a TV production business. “The part of the company that sells a lot of TV productions, that’s what everyone is asking for right now.”

In preparation for the production shutdown, many TV and video producers raced to stockpile as many episodes as they could. But less than

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