Various Windows software downloads including disk cleanup software, photo splitter software, video screensaver maker, and screenshot software, and various other free software downloads.

“Complete Cleanup”
Disk cleanup software which performs many different cleanups on your system, including all cookies, cache,
web history, search engine boxes, location URL’s, temp files, locked files, “run history”, “find
history”, duplicate files, and more. Protects your internet privacy and cleans your hard drive.
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“Easyscreen Screen Capture”
Capture full screens or capture windows, then save or print your screen shots. Embed text into your saved images, convert pictures
to JPEG pictures, print folder contents, capture and download webpage images automatically, and much more. Click program name for more information.

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free trial - Screen Capture Software

“Split and Tile Image Splitter”
Split and divide your images into smaller segments without losing any photo quality using this image splitter software. You can split a photo
many different ways including percentage splitting or pixel splitting. Click program name for more information.

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“Image Thumbnailer and Converter”
Thumbnail creator, image converter,
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