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April 28, 2020- Chart #1186

LW TW ARTIST Album Title
5 1 TOPS I Feel Alive
3 2 SORRY 925
12 4 STROKES The New Abnormal
13 5 FIONA APPLE Fetch The Bolt Cutters
7 6 CMON Confusing Mix Of Nations
1 7 MOANING Uneasy Laughter
9 8 LOCATE S,1 Personalia
10 9 STRFKR Future Past Life
11 10 PEACH PIT You And Your Friends
19 11 DREAM SYNDICATE The Universe Inside
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Classic Computer Magazine Archive

Antic Magazine STart Magazine Antic Magazine
Published 1982-1990. Full text available.
Focus: Atari 8-Bit computers, some Atari ST coverage STart Magazine
Published 1986-1991. Full text available.
Focus: Atari ST computers, some Atari 8-bit coverage Creative Computing Magazine A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine Creative Computing Magazine
Published 1974-1985. Full text of selected issues.
Focus: early personal computers A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine
Published 1981-1989. Full text of 10 issues.
Focus: Atari 8-bit and ST computers Compute! Magazine Compute II Compute! Magazine
Published 1979-1994. Full text of selected issues.
Focus: early personal computers Compute II Magazine
Published 1980. Full text available.
Focus: Single-board computers Compute!'s Gazette Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games Magazine Compute!’s Gazette
Published 1983-1995. Smattering of articles available.
Focus: Commodore 8-Bit computers Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games Magazine
Published 1983. Full text available.
Focus: arcade games, computer games, home video games ST-Log Magazine Tandy Whiz Kids Comic Books ST-Log Magazine
Published 1986-1989. Full text of 19 issues.
Focus: Atari ST computers Tandy Whiz Kids Comic Books
Published 1982-1991. Full page scans available.
Focus: Tandy TRS-80 computers Hi-Res Magazine ROM Magazine Hi-Res Magazine
Published 1983-1984. Full text available.
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