WorksRight Software, Inc., CASS Certified Postal Coding Solutions

Welcome to WorksRight Software, Inc. USPS CASS Certified

Specializing in Address Management Systems and Report Archival Solutions for the IBM AS/400, iSeries, and System i platform since 1992.


All of our software solutions are available for a 30-day free trial.


Our award winning software solutions are being utilized at over 2,500 sites worldwide.  Use the navigation bar on the left of this page or click on any of the solutions listed below to learn more.


Our Address Management Systems include:

  • PER/ZIP4 – CASS Certified Postal Coding Software and Data
  • PER/DPV – DeliveryPointValidation Software and Data

  • PER/RDI – Residential Delivery Indicator Software

  • PER/SORT – Mailing Presort Software and Data

  • ZIP/CITY – Zip Code and Area Code Software and Data

  • CPC – Canadian Po
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