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Founder of BP Training Systems. My background has allowed me to see the value in all forms of training. My education started in 2004 in the Strength & Conditioning realm where I learned about the Conjugate Method extensively to trying my first CrossFit workout in 2006 (it was the Filthy Fifty) which brought me to learn more about energy systems development. Currently, I hold a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology, I’m one of the few Certified Special Strengths Coaches via Westside Barbell, as well as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) via the NSCA.

In 2015 I founded Box Programming which sole purpose was to provide programming for CrossFit gyms; to this day there are more than 250 gyms all over the world trusting us with their clients’ training. The only thing that has changed in six years is that our platform has expanded to not only serve

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