This Week in Programming: How Devs Can Help Beat the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many of you may have your hands completely full with managing a full-time job that’s suddenly shifted entirely remote without any planning, a house full of pets, partners and children that need caring for and attention, and the emotional weight of a global pandemic really starting to take hold, there are others still with some spare time previously filled with social engagements and general life-before-COVID-19-stuff (such as jobs, for some of you) who are looking to help.

If you happen to be of the latter variety and are looking to put your skills, knowledge, and spare time to good use, you’re in luck; this past week has seen the launch of numerous hackathons, initiatives, and articles rounding up those various efforts, and in case you’ve missed all of them in attempting to keep working and sane, we’ve decided to bring them to you here. For the rest of you

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