Software Accessibility Checklist

Software Accessibility Checklist (1)

This Checklist should serve as a tool for evaluating the extent to which software applications are accessible to most people with disabilities. This document is based on the U.S. Department of Education’s “Requirements for Accessible Software Design,” including the technical guidance that appears as Appendix A to the “Requirements.” The “Requirements” document and the appendix are available at:

More specific recommendations for how to design accessible software can be obtained from Joe Tozzi or others on the Assistive Technology Team in the Department of Education’s Office of the Chief Information Officer Technology Center, (202) 708-7298 (voice), (202) 401-8510 (TTY), Internet:

Although the Department of Education’s guidelines may differ from the legally-enforceable standards that the Access Board will promulgate by February 7, 2000, they are among the most helpful references currently available to assist your agency in determining the extent to which your software applications

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