Difference Between Domain Validation and Extended Validation SSL

suharto hm

Site security is one of the primary concerns for most websites. With an increase in internet usage, the number of hacking attempts, viruses and other online threats have increased too. Ever since Google announced that it would display a ‘Not Secure’ text in the address bar of Google Chrome for all websites not having an SSL certificate, there has been an increase in the number of site owners looking for them. A Certificate Authority (CA) is responsible for issuing an SSL Security Certificate and authenticating the website.

There are three types of SSL certificates available to websites:

  1. Domain validation
  2. Organization validation
  3. Extended validation

Each of these serves a specific purpose. Today, we are going to talk about domain and extended validation SSL certificates and highlight the differences between them.

Domain validation & Extended Validation

A Domain Validation (DV) certificate helps in validating the domain of your site. While this does Read More