Burlingame, CA Internet Providers (1,000 Mbps)

Working from Home in Burlingame

Burlingame currently has a population of 1,341 active workers who work out of their home via telecommuting. Of those working from home, 58.69 percent take home less than $75,000 per year. If setting up a home network for working from home, be sure to check any data limits on your package. Many Broadband packages have data limits, which might be frustrating if you consume a lot of data for work purposes like video conferencing, etc. Business-class plans can be provided for customers who need more than a residential package.

Data Limits Among Burlingame Internet Service Providers

Internet providers have moved to increase the use of data “plans” to residential Internet packages recently. This trend is certainly true in Burlingame, with ISPs like Xfinity featuring plans with data caps. This doesn’t matter for the majority of customers, but it might be an issue for subscribers that share the WiFi or techies who stream a lot of high-def video. Data caps with cable bundles tend to be in the neighborhood of one Terabyte. This is way more than 99 percent of customers use, according to a report from Xfinity. Potential XFINITY from Comcast customers in Burlingame should confirm data use policies before signing up.

Internet access in Burlingame neighborhoods

We have aggregated data on Internet access across all these neighborhoods in Burlingame: Hillsborough.

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