Tesla deters owners from hacking car performance

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Tesla is putting a spoke in the wheels of some of its customers who might be tempted to use cheaper services from third parties to boost the performance of their vehicle, instead of buying car features directly from the manufacturer.

The latest software update to the Tesla Model 3 effectively left some owners who use the Boost50 module facing an “incompatible vehicle modification detected” warning, along with a “potential risk of damage or shutdown”.

Produced by Canadian company Ingenext, the Boost50 increases the performance of the Tesla Model 3 Dual. Plugged into the vehicle, the device reduces acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h to 3.8 seconds, down from 4.4 seconds. The Boost50 also includes some other features such as drift mode – a special driving mode that disables traction control but maintains ABS and power steering.

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After upgrading their vehicle to

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Pittsburgh Public Schools Deal With Internet Issues On First Day Of Virtual Learning

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After months of planning, Tuesday was the start of the school year for Pittsburgh Public Schools, but it didn’t come without some technology issues.


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They district is starting the year virtually, for at least the first nine weeks of classes, but some families are still in need of devices.

“I can’t get a laptop. This is the third time I’m in line,” grandparent of four, Rita Waters, said.

Waters had devices for only two of her grandchildren until today. She said the process has been a hassle.

“It’s just so much wasted time. I should be home,” she said outside Pittsburgh Oliver.

Pittsburgh Public Schools continued distributing devices as online learning began.

Chief Accountability Officer Dr. Ted Dwyer says 1,000 devices will be in this week and that a device should get to everyone that needs one.

“We just need the people who need the

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Apple’s AR plans are becoming more of a reality

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This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

When Apple sent invitations to the press and public to watch its “special Apple Event from Apple Park” on Sept. 15 through apple.com, the company included an artistic rendering of its logo, along with two words: “Time Flies.” Most people interpreted that to mean a next-generation Apple Watch, but there was an augmented reality surprise that hints at much more. 

If you tapped on the Apple logo, it would turn on your phone’s camera and start showing the artsy image on your desk, or underneath a tree, or next to your cat — anywhere you happened to be pointing your phone. It was like 2016’s popular Pokemon Go, but for even nerdier nerds.

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Up to 25,000 low-income D.C. families will receive free internet access

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Nearly 25 percent of D.C.’s public school students live below the poverty line and 50 percent are considered at risk for academic failure.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has announced a $3.3 million investment to provide home internet to low-income students.

This means free internet access for up to 25,000 disconnected low-income families from public and charter schools.

The Office of the Chief Technology is also working on the post-COVID future to bridge the digital divide in the District. Lindsay Parker who runs IT for the city is focusing on a four-point plan that includes internet service, device access, demystifying technology, and making the workforce more tech-savvy.

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“What COVID has sort of prioritized in my mind is that we can only be smarter if we are more connected. So we have really wrapped

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