Online School Is Harder Thanks to Unequal Internet Access

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In Cooper’s school district, for instance, there are some areas that internet providers haven’t hooked up, and others where getting internet would be too expensive for students’ families. “You pay $200, $300, and your internet’s still horrible,” she said.

Even in normal times, this digital divide holds back the unconnected in innumerable ways. Broadband access tends to boost local economies, because many companies run on the internet and employers tend to take job applications only online. Many areas that lack internet also lack doctors, but telemedicine can’t reach places where few people have a connection strong enough for FaceTime. People without internet might have trouble accessing news and information, which has steadily migrated online. In areas where broadband exists, but not everyone can afford it, teachers still assign homework online, and only some students can complete it.

A lack of

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Glaxo’s biology research with novel Cerebras machine shows hardware may change how AI is done

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Artificial intelligence research experienced a renaissance in the last twenty years as a result in part of greater computing power, the rise of the graphics processing unit, or GPU. 

Now, novel AI computer systems may be poised to have a similarly large impact. They may change not just the speed of AI work but the kinds of experiments that are done in the field.

AI is changing the entire nature of computing, and as part of an inevitable feedback loop, computing will end up changing the nature of AI.

An example of that showed up this week in new work being done by GlaxoSmithKline, the big British drug maker.

Glaxo this week talked up its new AI “hub” in St. Pancras square in London. The company’s head of AI R&D, Kim Branson, took time to talk with ZDNet about the company’s partnership with a challenger to Nvidia, Cerebras Systems. 



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Lone Star College bachelor’s degree programs off to strong start

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Milton Diaz loves Lone Star College, and for good reason. The 20-something-year-old earned his associates degree, met his future wife in classes there, and is now advancing his career in their new BSN baccalaureate program.

“We were in class and clinicals together, but I was very strict about not dating anyone. I wanted to focus on nursing school,” he said. The day after finals and learning, when they had both passed the test, he asked her out on a date. She accepted and the two were married later. They now have a baby together and both work for Kingwood Hospital.

Health care system names new associate CMO: Meet HCA Gulf Coast Division’s new associate chief medical officer, Augusto Sepulveda

“I’ve been with Lone Star the last 8 years of my life,” the 2011 Kingwood High School graduate said. He earned his associate degree three years ago and works in the

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