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LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Software Technology, LLC, the maker of Tabs3 Software, is excited to announce the release of the newly redesigned Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager. This feature creates a single, unified hub that makes it easier than ever to manage all things billing-related for each matter. The new Matter Manager provides at-a-glance billing information on key metrics, such as accounts receivable, work-in-process, and trust balances. The Matter Manager also allows users to drill down and get detailed information on individual transactions and statements.

The release of the new Matter Manager follows the addition of dashboards in all Tabs3 Software products as well as new integrations with other industry leaders including LawPay and NetDocuments.

“In this latest release, we’ve added a feature that will fundamentally change the way attorneys and administrators manage their billing. We put access to the billing information and features that people need

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Software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for the test proctoring industry. About half a dozen companies in the US claim their software can accurately detect and prevent cheating in online tests. Examity, HonorLock, Proctorio, ProctorU, Respondus and others have rapidly grown since colleges and universities switched to remote classes.

While there’s no official tally, it’s reasonable to say that millions of algorithmically proctored tests are happening every month around the world. Proctorio told the New York Times in May that business had increased by 900% during the first few months of the pandemic, to the point where the company proctored 2.5 million tests worldwide in April alone.

I’m a university librarian and I’ve seen the impacts of these systems up close. My own employer, the University of Colorado Denver, has a contract with Proctorio.

It’s become clear to me that algorithmic proctoring is a modern surveillance technology that reinforces

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The humbling of Europe’s most-hyped startup incubator: Rocket Internet

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a man sitting on a couch: Rocket Internet CEO Oliver Samwer

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Rocket Internet CEO Oliver Samwer

Rocket Internet, the German startup incubator that was once the darling of Europe’s technology sector and a thorn in the side of the Silicon Valley startups whose business models it shamelessly ripped off, announced Tuesday that it plans to delist from the Frankfurt and Luxembourg stock exchanges after seeing its shares fall 13% this year.


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Rocket says it has plenty of access to money to fund its startups from private investors and doesn’t need the public markets anymore. But it’s hard to read Rocket’s decision as anything other than a humbling blow for Oliver Samwer, Rocket’s brash co-founder and chief executive officer, who once boasted that he wanted to “own the Internet” and claimed his

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