Wizards to deploy virtual social media influencer as reporter in Disney World

john rambo

With virtual fans on screens on the sidelines and superimposed home court insignia on the floor, the NBA’s restart has sort of resembled a glimpse into the future. Now that is about to be sent into overdrive, as the Wizards will have a virtual correspondent in Disney World to produce content.

‘His’ name is Liam Nikuro and he is a computer generated person who is already made a name for himself as a social media influencer. Though Nikuro is not real, he has already amassed an impressive following on Instagram.

Per a press release, the plan is for Nikuro to lead Wizards fans on “virtual adventures” in Orlando. The CGI-created human/avatar is licensed by a Japanese company called 1sec Inc.


Exactly how the Wizards will use Nikuro in their content is unclear, but it represents a new realm of NBA media

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Avanci Launches 5G Licensing Platform for the Internet of Things

john rambo

New automotive licensing program reviewed by U.S. Department of Justice

DALLAS, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Avanci, the one-stop platform for licensing wireless technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), today launches its 5G automotive licensing program. This important step comes as the auto industry works to develop the next generation of connected vehicles, ensuring that this technology can be shared efficiently and affordably. 5G connectivity will deliver significant value to the automotive sector, building on the use of previous standards in connected vehicles. This program, part of Avanci’s new 5G IoT platform, will enable patent owners and IoT and automotive companies to share 5G standard essential wireless patents in a single license.

Avanci launches 5G Licensing Platform for the Internet of Things. This new automotive licensing program, part of Avanci’s new 5G IoT platform, will enable patent owners and IoT and automotive companies to share 5G standard essential

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Maingear launches a Ryzen XT gaming PC that is ‘no larger than a shoebox’

john rambo

Maingear has released a new Turbo desktop line that shoehorns AMD’s newly minted Ryzen 3000 XT desktop CPUs into a compact chassis. How compact, you ask? According to Maingear, it’s the same size as a shoebox.

If you’re Shaq, perhaps. The chassis measures 7 (W) x 14.4 (D) x 12.3 (H) inches, which is far more real estate than what is needed for my size 10.5-inch kicks. Still, I won’t begrudge the comparison too much—it’s certainly a compact desktop, just more like two stacked shoeboxes.

There’s no Intel inside these machines, only AMD’s latest silicon. As the boutique builder is apt to do, the Turbo line is broken up into different and customizable “Stages” and price points. The cheapest configuration is a Stage 1 setup that starts at $1,699. It comes with the following:

  • CPU—Ryzen 5 3600XT
  • Cooler—Maingear Epic 240mm AIO
  • RAM—16GB HyperX Fury RGB DDR4-3600
  • GPU—Radeon RX 5500XT
  • Motherboard—ASRock
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The Technology 202: Ride-sharing may never go back to normal

john rambo

On Thursday, Uber is expected to release its second quarter earnings numbers, for the period from April through June. 

The figures could paint a dire picture for not only the company but the ride-hailing industry as a whole. Uber is expected to post a substantial loss. At the very least, however, company executives will have the chance to shape a narrative around ride-hailing’s future.

Thursday’s updates will tell Wall Street whether the appetite for ride-sharing still exists in the wake of a virus that has changed the nature of work and commuting. The pandemic has obliterated the concept of “shared” rides and raised concerns about the Silicon Valley dream of taking a trip in the back of a stranger’s car — with all the potential safety and hygiene concerns that entails.

“The market thinks that it may be a long time before we recover to Ubering as much as we

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