Communist China puts our technology and safety at risk every day

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American institutions are targeted by these sophisticated attacks daily as the CCP looks to steal our intellectual property, our state secrets and our personal information.

The coronavirus crisis, fueled by the CCP’s lies at the onset of the outbreak, has further exposed these threats. The CCP threatened to withhold medical supplies as well as certain pharmaceutical ingredients that are used to manufacture critical medicines Americans rely on and use regularly. And the Department of Homeland Security has caught Chinese-affiliated hackers attempting to steal U.S. research on a coronavirus vaccine.

While cases of this virus continue to grow across the country, Americans are eagerly looking toward our science and technology leaders for a solution. As researchers work on finding effective treatments and developing a coronavirus vaccine, the U.S. must protect this research from China and other bad actors across the globe.

China’s more recent technological power not only endangers America’s national

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Applied Health Analytics Promotes Berevan Omer to Vice President of Information Technology

john rambo

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Berevan Omer, former Director of Information Technology at Applied Health Analytics, has been promoted to Vice President of Information Technology. In his new role, Omer will continue to lead IT infrastructure and various technology initiatives, as well as take on an advanced role in supporting the company’s main platform, bIQ™ Population Health Management.

Berevan Omer, Vice President of Information Technology at Applied Health Analytics

Omer is a proficient network and systems engineer that provides in-depth, day-to-day support for Applied Health Analytics’ technology products and applications. He partners closely with the software development and account management teams to help deploy technology and manage infrastructure updates. Omer has attended Western Governors University where he completed numerous licenses and certifications. Prior joining Applied Health Analytics, Mr. Omer served in network and system engineering roles in the greater Nashville area.

“After three years with Applied

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