What’s Next For Technology-Driven Ventures In Turbulent Times

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Back in 1995, I had the opportunity to sit in on the first internet-based video telecast, put on by IBM between its New York and San Diego offices. The images were herky-jerky and the sound quality was so-so, but from that moment on, the world began to change in interesting ways, and thousands of new business ideas were sprung. Nowadays, the entire world is being run via video teleconferencing.

The experiences we are collectively having via videoconferencing may be paving the way for the next generation of business models as well. Tomorrow’s ventures may be built upon the “zoomification” of work, education and training, as explained by Lars Sudmann, former CFO of Procter & Gamble Belgium and now innovation leadership and board advisor to organizations such as The Conference Board. Expect to see, for example, “a ‘Zoom’ for university degrees, corporate training and next-level

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Building a quantum internet: Fast data exchange, difficult to eavesdrop

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) unveiled a report that lays out a blueprint strategy for the development of a national quantum internet. It provides a pathway to ensure the development of the National Quantum Initiative Act, which was signed into law by President Trump in December of 2018.

quantum internet

Around the world, consensus is building that a system to communicate using quantum mechanics represents one of the most important technological frontiers of the 21st century. Scientists now believe that the construction of a prototype will be within reach over the next decade.

In February of this year, DOE National Laboratories, universities, and industry met to develop the blueprint strategy of a national quantum internet, laying out the essential research to be accomplished, describing the engineering and design barriers, and setting near-term goals.

“The Department of Energy is proud to play an instrumental role in the development of the national quantum

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Marc Holstein Joins RumbleOn as Director of Business to Business Technology

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Automotive Software Specialist Brings Substantial Experience in B2B Technology Solutions

RumbleOn, Inc (NASDAQ: RMBL), the e-commerce company using innovative technology to simplify how dealers and consumers buy, sell, trade or finance pre-owned vehicles, today announced that auto industry veteran and financial services technology specialist, Marc Holstein, joins the Company as Director of B2B Technology. Holstein brings more than 20 years of technology management and leadership experience to RumbleOn.

“We are pleased to welcome Marc to our expanding management team. Marc brings deep industry knowledge that will be an asset as we grow our capabilities and proliferate RumbleOn 3.0,” said Marshall Chesrown, RumbleOn’s Chief Executive Officer. “We continue to attract world-class talent and deepen our leadership team as we focus on the future of RumbleOn.”

Holstein commented, “I’ve had a close eye on RumbleOn over the past several years and am impressed by all that Marshall and the team have accomplished.

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How Covid-19 Could Give Kim Jong Un a Doomsday Weapon

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North Korea recently surprised the world by announcing it is developing a Covid-19 vaccine, joining a high-stakes race to show off its scientific chops. But experts increasingly believe the famously secretive Kim Jong Un could also have a more nefarious goal in mind: Using the humanitarian crisis to beef up his biological weapons arsenal.

North Korea “could use this legitimate vaccine aspiration as a way to enhance their biotechnology capability,” says Andrew Weber, who was assistant secretary of Defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs during the Obama administration. ”They could buy equipment from Western or Chinese sources that would be necessary for their vaccine effort, and then next year they could turn around and use it to produce biological weapons.”

The pandemic, he and other experts say, presents a unique opportunity for the regime, whose imports are normally hampered by international sanctions.

“Anything coronavirus-related is going to be

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