CS142 Web Programming and Security

john rambo

Winter 2009

The web uses complex applications that run on heterogeneous
browsers that may be built using programming technologies such as
Javascript, AJAX, Google Web Toolkit, Apache Struts, Java Server
Faces, and Rails. This course covers how core web technologies
work; common security vulnerabilities; and how to build secure web
applications that avoid them.

Prerequisities: CS107 and CS108.


Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
11:00-11:50am, CERAS 300
Sections: Friday, 4:15-5:05pm, in 380-380Y.
Newsgroup: su.class.cs142 (for discussion with TAs
and other students)
Questions for TAs: cs142ta@cs.stanford.edu


  Time Location
Regular Friday Mar-20-2009 08:30-11:30AM HERRIN T175
Alternate Thursday Mar-19-2009 08:30-11:30AM HERRIN T175

Note: if you need to take the alternate final and have not yet told us, contact the TAs now

The final will be open-book and open-laptop, but not open-Internet: you will need to disable your wireless receivers.

Review Session Slides



Due: Wednesday, January 14, 11:59pm


Due: Wednesday, January 21



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Welcome | CNMAT

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Jon Kulpa’s works explore sound mass, algorithmically generated sound texture, spatial sound, and interactivity.  His most recently completed project, QuBits, is a virtual reality (VR) sound-space.  A user navigates this environment while wearing a VR headset, encountering many virtual characters that each have a type of appearance and sonic identity.  Using hand controllers, a user is able to affect the audiovisual behavior of virtual charac


The Department of Music at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for a pool of qualified temporary instructors to teach any of the following areas:

Music and technology involving CNMAT technologies and Max/MSP programming.


We are glad to announce the latest release (0.6) of the Orchidea software for computer-assisted orchestration.


Julie Herndon is an Oakland-based composer and performer. Her work explores the body’s relationship to the self, to performance, and to tools like musical instruments and personal technologies. Recent projects

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A science and technology timeline

john rambo

Date Invention or discovery Articles on Explain that stuff Prehistory

4–5 billion years ago

Sun starts to produce energy.

Solar cells

10 million years ago. Humans make the first tools from stone, wood,
antlers, and bones. Tools and machines

1–2 million years ago

Humans discover fire.

Car engines
Jet engines

25,000– 50,000 BCE Humans first wear clothes. Biomimetic clothing 10,000 BCE Earliest boats are constructed. Ships and boats 8000– 9000 BCE Beginnings of human settlements and agriculture. Biofuels
Water 6000– 7000 BCE Hand-made bricks first used for construction in the Middle East. Brick (ceramics) Ancient times 4000 BCE Iron used for the first time in decorative ornaments. Iron and steel 3500– 5000 BCE Glass is made by people for the first time. Glass 3500 BCE Humans invent the wheel. Tools and machines
Wheels and axles 3000 BCE First written languages are developed by the Sumerian people of
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The Evolution of Technology – Big Think

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Every baby born today in the Western world has a life expectancy of about 100 years, which means it will be alive in 2110. It’s nearly impossible to forecast in detail life in 2110. However, what we can venture to guess based on current trends is that humans will still populate the planet, as will animals, and we will be joined by simple biological creatures designed synthetically in the lab, and of course, machines. Machines will roam the earth, toiling in factories, taking our children to school, delivering babies, cleaning the streets, and other such tasks, which will make them seemingly indispensable to us.

We dont know how sophisticated these machines will be a century from today. Some might continue as dumb machines like the ones we have now, assiduously screwing on the caps of Coke bottles. Or they might be humanoid robots that resemble us and nurse our elderly

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Spytech Spy Software – Computer Monitoring Software

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Our most popular and award-winning spy software for over 20 years, SpyAgent’s unmatched feature-set invisibly monitors all computer usage and internet activity. Combining over 20 essential computer monitoring tools with cloud and email-based remote activity log viewing, instant behavior alert notifications and filtering, and graphical “top 10” reports, SpyAgent allows you to record, see, and respond to everything that happens on your computer. Put your worries to rest today with SpyAgent!

Remotely installable cloud-based computer monitoring software, Realtime-Spy gives you the ability to monitor your PC or MAC from ANYWHERE. Realtime-Spy’s robust monitoring features allow you to see what users are doing and typing in real-time from any web-browser. Realtime-Spy captures screenshots of user activity and records keystrokes, websites and applications, chats and emails, file system usage, and much more. Graphical Top 10 reports summarize popular activities. Also Available for Android!

NetVizor can be remotely deployed across

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Springer has released 65 Machine Learning and Data books for free

john rambo

Uri Eliabayev

Hundreds of books are now free to download

Springer has released hundreds of free books on a wide range of topics to the general public. The list, which includes 408 books in total, covers a wide range of scientific and technological topics. In order to save you some time, I have created one list of all the books (65 in number) that are relevant to the data and Machine Learning field.

Among the books, you will find those dealing with the mathematical side of the domain (Algebra, Statistics, and more), along with more advanced books on Deep Learning and other advanced topics. You also could find some good books in various programming languages such as Python, R, and MATLAB, etc.

If you are looking for more recommended books about Machine Learning and data you can check my previous article about it.

The Elements of Statistical Learning

Trevor Hastie, Robert

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Fathers of Technology: 10 Men Who Invented and Innovated in Tech

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His impact on technology:
Gerald Lawson created the first cartridge-based video game system, the Fairchild Channel F. That invention pushed the video game industry forward into a flexible, diverse future — a world in which games were no longer married to their hardware (think Pong). Once players could switch games on a whim, game developers and software companies flourished.

The Atari 2600, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Master System and many other classic video game systems owe their fortunes in part to Lawson’s vision.

And yet, Lawson is not a well-known name in video game history — or tech history, for that matter. This, despite the fact that he was one of the few black members of the historic Homebrew Computer Club, which counted Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as members.


Where is he now?
Lawson died last year of complications from diabetes.  After spending eight years with

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Programming Jobs, Employment in Tallahassee, FL

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Remote work available

$10.10 an hour

  • MCI is looking for nationwide work at home customer service, help desk, technical support, and sales representatives to support April demand.


Remote work available

$10.10 an hour

  • MCI is looking for Illinois work at home customer service, help desk, technical support, and sales representatives to support April demand.

$47,670 – $54,820 a year

  • Ability to learn new programming languages, hardware platforms and conform to Lottery programming standards.
  • Helps to develop policies and procedures related to…

Bull Run Group

Tallahassee, FL

  • Experience in programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 or higher and MS Framework 4.0 or higher (4+ years);
  • Net Visual Studio with C# (5+ years);

$46,381 a year

  • Knowledge of computer programming, systems analysis and systems design principles and practices;
  • Experience in computer systems analysis and/or computer…
  • SAP programming knowledge a plus.
  • FLSA Status:
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